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We specialize in...terrorism!

That's right, the country of Pakistan has dwindled down to a state where it is only good at one thing - Terrorism. Majority of the Islamic terrorism exported around the world incubates from one of thousands of Islamic madrassahs around Pakistan. Not only do these madrassahs export their vile brand of Islam to the rest of the world, they also make the lives of minorities including women and Christians hell.

You may ask, what exactly is terrorism? This is a much debated question but the best definition is probably "premeditated politically-motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience".

This is clearly seen in the propensity of the Pakistani military and government in using terrorism as a state policy, and you have a sure fire rogue state in Pakistan. But, then again Pakistan is in the good graces of the United States which gives it carte blanche ability to do what ever they like and get paid for it, handsomely.

That's it for the terrorism rant. Pakistan has been denegrated to a terrorism supporting nation, where the only education for most kids is a religious madrassah. Where unemployment, mal-nourishment, illiteracy, child mortality, lack of healthcare facilities and poverty are all the country can offer its people. That is of course unless you are part of the rich elite or the military.

It is important for the civilized world to make sure that Pakistan implode, but if warranted broken up in a logical manner. It is important that the country be forced to face up to its internal problems. The feudal system needs to be taken care of; the military and intelligence agencies need to be nutured; and the nuclear/missile programs scrapped for social aid. Especially since the most recent revelations that tell a sordid tale of Pakistan being the biggest proliferator of nuclear/WMD/missile technologies. China, North Korea, Libya and Iran - all in the same tangled web with Pakistan' own evil incarnated, Dr A.Q. Khan - hero to the Pakistani masses, villian to the rest of humanity.

Unless this takes place...Pakistan now has the grim distinction of being the terrorist capital of the world. And eventually one of these terrorists will grab a Pakistani nuke or weapon of mass destruction and use it against the West.

They NEED to be stopped!

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